Our Story

Casting Made Simple is a revolutionary new and efficient way to help companies choose the right kids to showcase and represent their brand. Companies are always looking for great new talent to represent them across every channel in an ever-increasing landscape – television, radio, magazines, billboards, YouTube, social media, and more. Casting Made Simple is ushering the world of child modeling into the current digital era. Through its secure website, CMS puts you directly in front of the brands you’d love to represent.

Casting Made Simple is disrupting the modeling industry by removing the middleman and the constant need to travel to opportunities that may not be the right fit. Thanks to the Casting Made Simple platform, you no longer have to live in NYC or LA to be part of the fun and lucrative world of child modeling. The Casting Made Simple platform allows you or your kids to audition from anywhere, and almost anytime.

The Casting Made Simple platform allows companies to input the specs they seek into our user-friendly dashboard. Then, if you or your child is identified as a potential match, preliminary face-to-face interviews can happen through our platform from the privacy of your own home.

Given the nature of the demographics we serve, Casting Made Simple is hyper-focused on the security surrounding our closed platform. We provide a safe and professional community.


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